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Land Use Planning

City of Ryde's planning controls in Macquarie Park seek to regenerate the business park with smaller block sizes, additional height controls, improved road networks and a more pedestrian friendly environment to stimulate investment.

Land use planning

Effective planning and innovative urban design is key to seeing continued growth in Macquarie Park. Some of the major developments currently in the works include:

  • Macquarie University's plans to add 500,000 sqm of new office space - more than proposed for Barangaroo.

  • Macquarie Centre's current redevelopment to add 130 new specialty stores and a further 1,050 car spaces. Upon completion of this $380 million investment, the centre will be among the country's top ten largest retail hubs.

  • Goodman Group's development of two office towers for global corporations Canon and Fujitsu. These towers are in addition to the 300,000 sqm of office and warehouse space the company already owns and manages in Macquarie Park and North Ryde.

Ryde local environment plan

Macquarie Park is fortunate to be located in the City of Ryde, and planning controls are therefore subject to the Ryde Local Environment Plan of 2010. The Plan aims to encourage the management and development of land in a manner which:

  • responds to the needs and welfare of its citizens;

  • conserves items and places of natural, indigenous, cultural, social and historical significance; and

  • ensures sustainability and creates a better environment.

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Planning proposal for Macquarie Park

The Ryde Local Environment Plan included an Amendment in its 2013 draft with a Planning Proposal specifically for Macquarie Park. The Proposal seeks to:

  • support growth and development in Macquarie Park by ensuring infrastructure (including new roads and open spaces) meets the needs of existing and future residents and workers;

  • reinforce the importance of Macquarie Park as a significant employment centre and part of Sydney's Economic Global Arc; and

  • enable the delivery of new road and park infrastructure to support the growth of the area.

Overall, the Proposal aims to develop innovative planning mechanisms that meet community needs and ensure attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods for workers and residents. This includes the delivery of new roads designed to offer faster, easier and greater route choices for cars, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as improving access to stations and facilities. The Proposal also includes a component that ensures a suite of local parks are distributed across the precinct, providing a haven for a quiet lunchbreak or weekend family picnic.

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