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Sonic Healthcare

Sonic Healthcare Limited is an Australian company that provides laboratory pathology and radiology services. The Sydney-based company has its roots in the pathology practice of Douglass Laboratories, and since has become one of the largest diagnostic companies globally. They employ 1,300 staff at Macquarie Park.

14 Giffnock Avenue. Macquarie Park. NSW 2113


Industry: Pathology and Radiology services

Staff: 1,300

Address: 14 Giffnock Ave, Macquarie Park NSW 2113


Ph: +61 2 9855 5444



Company Overview:

Sonic Healthcare is one of the world's largest medical diagnostics companies, providing laboratory and radiology services to medical practitioners, hospitals, community health services, and their collective patients. We also operate Australia's largest network of primary care medical centres - Independent Practitioner Network (IPN) - as well as other healthcare businesses.

Our medically-led practices are dedicated to providing outstanding quality and service to the doctors and patients that they serve. Our success is underpinned by our commitment to medical sovereignty and independence.

Sonic Healthcare was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1987 and, following reconstitution of the Board in 1992, has experienced exceptional growth. Since 1993, our annual revenues have risen from A$25 million to over A$3.5 billion. We have progressed to become a top 50 company on the ASX.



Our services include:



Sonic Healthcare is the largest pathology company in Australia and Germany, and the third largest in the US. We also operate laboratories in Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the UK.We employ over 500 specialist pathologists and thousands of medical scientists and technicians, backed by specialised IT systems that ensure the timely delivery of results in a variety of different formats.



Sonic Healthcare is the second largest radiology provider in Australia, with over 100 radiology centres in Australia, as well as in New Zealand. We perform more than 2.3 million examinations per year through our 160 specialist radiologists and nuclear physicians, many of whom are sub-specialised. They are supported by our highly trained and experienced technical and clerical practice staff.



Independent Practitioner Network (IPN) is Australia's largest operator of medical centres, in partnership with 1700 doctors at over 200 clinics across Australia.

IPN doctors perform 9.5 million consultations each year, and 70% of all Australians live within 10km of an IPN medical centre.



Kinetic Health is Australia's leading provider of corporate and community healthcare. Kinetic Health provides professional, reliable and best-practice medical services through a national network of clinics and onsite operations. Our services include specialised medical assessments, world-class drug and alcohol testing, nationally accredited safety and training courses, onsite medical services and innovative and targeted health and wellness programs.



Lifescreen Australia is a leading provider of innovative clinical and patient support services, and an industry leader in the provision of health assessment services to insurance and corporate industries. Lifescreen is also transforming the delivery of infusion and injection-based therapies, providing treatment administration and care to patients safely in the comfort of their own home, workplace or community infusion centre.



Sonic Clinical Trials (SCT) is a dedicated central laboratory service providing comprehensive clinical trials support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Located on the main campus of the Sonic Healthcare headquarters in Sydney, Australia, SCT's central laboratory provides a single validated testing platform for studies that require fully-standardised methods and data. Our instruments and assay methods are validated according to the most exacting industry requirements and SCT's electronic systems and processes are validated to ensure compliance with ICH GCP, the TGA and US 21CFR11 requirements. SCT works across all phases of clinical trials and has an extensive range of therapeutic experience.



Sonic Food and Water Testing (SFWT) is a fully-accredited facility providing a comprehensive food and water testing service. Testing is available for a wide range of bacteria, yeast and moulds in raw materials and finished food products. Water samples from cooling towers and warm water systems can be tested for Legionella sp. and total bacterial counts. Drinking water, and water from swimming pools and spas can be tested for a range of bacteria, yeast and moulds appropriate for these samples. SFWT is an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) appointed analyst for food testing for exporters and importers.