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Sanofi S.A. is a French multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France, the world's fourth-largest by prescription sales. They employ 400 staff in Macquarie Park.

Building D, 12-24 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW


Industry: Pharmaceutical

Staff: 400

Address: Building D, 12-24 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW

Postal: Locked Bag 2227, North Ryde BC 1670

Ph: (02) 8666 2000



Company Overview:

At a glance

  • 2011 net sales worldwide: €33.4 billion
  • A broad portfolio of pharmaceutical products: prescription medicines, generics, consumer health care and animal health
  • A world leader in human vaccines
  • A broad and balanced presence in both traditional and emerging markets
  • More than 110,000 employees in 100 countries



Group strategy

Our ambition is to become a diversified global healthcare leader. Our strategy is built around three priorities to reach our goals and ensure sustainable growth:

  • Innovation in Research and Development
  • Adaptation of Group structures
  • External growth opportunities




Sanofi Australia & New Zealand

Sanofi Australia/New Zealand is a horizontally integrated healthcare provider with an extensive range of innovative products ranging from complementary medicines, through to patented medicines, generics, over the counter medicines and vaccines.

Sanofi Australia and New Zealand has four distinct operations:

For further information on any aspect of Sanofi’s operations in Australia and New Zealand, please contact us.