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Macquarie University & Library

Macquarie University is a world-class tertiary education provider with the largest international student exchange programme in Australia.

Macquarie University

Macquarie University is a world-class tertiary institution and one of Australia's preeminent research facilities. It is renowned for its interdisciplinary research and teaching, highly skilled graduates and first-class facilities.

Over $1 billion in recent infrastructure investment has seen Macquarie University attain leading-edge technology and facilities including:

  • the country's most technologically advanced private hospital on a university campus

  • state-of-the-art library featuring a robotic book storage and retrieval system

  • top swimming and sports complex

  • on-campus railway station

  • Australian Hearing Hub, a purpose-built research facility for speech and language disorders

Macquarie University has achieved a high ranking status among Australia's top institutions for environmental science and ecology, and CEOs around the world have rated it among Australia's top five universities for their graduate recruitment.

The university's proximity to Macquarie Park has also seen the institution forge strong relationships with industry via commercial agreements, research partnerships and work placements.

Herring Rd, Macquarie Park

Ph: 02 9850 7111

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Macquarie University Library

Featuring over 1.8 million print and electronic resources, Macquarie University Library is the largest academic library in northern Sydney.

Housed in a striking and sustainable building, the library is committed to innovation, excellence and flexibility - features which have seen it become one of Northern Sydney's most significant learning centres.

Ph: 02 9850 7500

Building C3C, Macquarie Drive, Macquarie University

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