Content: The Greater City of Ryde Economy

The Greater City of Ryde Economy

The City of Ryde local economy has been growing from strength to strength over recent times as it becomes a globalised city.

Top 10 Headline Statistics of the Greater City of Ryde Economy

Macquarie Park is part of the City of Ryde economy (i.e. the Ryde Local Government Area). The statistics provided below represent the whole City rather than just Macquarie Park.

1. Gross Regional Product - the Gross Regional Product for City of Ryde in 2012 was $13 Billion. Over the past five years the local economy has grown an average of 7% per annum;

2. Exporting Industries - 'Information Media and Telecommunications' had the largest total exports by industry, generating $5,254 million in 2011/12 followed by 'Wholesale Trade' with $3,180 million;

3. Growing Population - The current official population of the City of Ryde is 110,791 as of the 30th June 2012. On average approximately 1,700 new residents are added to the community each year;

4. Growing Jobs Market - In 2012 there were more jobs than employed residents with 92,178 jobs and only 57,793 employed residents respectively. Over the past five years there were 2,600 new jobs added to the local economy per annum;

5. Information Media & Telecommunications - Over the past five years the 'Information Media & Telecommunications' industry sector has increased by 7,575 additional jobs. City of Ryde is now home to 25% of the jobs in this industry sector for the whole of NSW;

6. Key Occupations - Occupation is a key component for evaluating the socio-economic status of the workforce and the skills required to work in each industry sector.In 2011 the top 5 occupations in the City of Ryde economy were:

  • Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals – 3,235 jobs
  • Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers – 2,709 jobs
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers – 2,328 jobs
  • ICT Network and Support Professionals – 2,183 jobs
  • Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries – 1,815 jobs

7. Cultural Diversity - The residential population is very diverse with 42% speaking a language other than English at home. The three dominant languages are Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.

8. Highly Educated - One third (33.3%) of City of Ryde residents have a Bachelor or Higher degree compared to the Sydney average of 24.1%. Over the past five years there is a growing trend of new residents having a university degree.

9. Young Workforce - City of Ryde has both a young workforce and young working population, that is, the age of people who choose live or work in the area. Over the past five years there has been an increasing trend of more young people are choosing to live and work in City of Ryde.

10. High-Paying Jobs - In 2011 38.5% of City of Ryde workforce earned over $1,500 per week. The average for NSW during the same period was 22.3%.